Yii is a fast, secure, and efficient PHP framework.

Flexible yet pragmatic. 
Works right out of the box. 
Has reasonable defaults.

Some beautiful plugins :

yii2tech/spreadsheet :

Yii2 extension for export to a spreadsheet, e.g. Excel, LibreOffice etc.

This component is designed to extract data from spreadsheets, while being easy on resources, even for large files.

The current version of the spreadsheet parser works with csv and xlsx files.

composer require yii2tech/spreadsheet

JWT Integration For Yii 2 :

This extension provides the JWT integration for Yii 2 framework.

This is fork of sizeg/yii2-jwt package

For other configuration options refer to the Yii 2 Guide.

JWT Basic Usage: Please refer to the lcobucci/jwt Documentation.

yii2-elasticsearch :

Elasticsearch integration and ActiveRecord for the Yii framework

This extension provides the elasticsearch integration for the Yii framework 2.0. It includes basic querying/search support and also implements the ActiveRecord pattern that allows you to store active records in elasticsearch.

URL: yii2-elasticsearch

yii2-widget-datepicker :

Enhanced Yii2 wrapper for the bootstrap datepicker plugin

The DatePicker widget is a Yii 2 wrapper for the Bootstrap DatePicker plugin with various enhancements. The plugin is a fork of Stefan Petre's DatePicker (of eyecon.ro), with improvements by @eternicode. The widget is specially styled for Yii framework 2.0 and Bootstrap 3 and allows graceful degradation to a normal HTML text input, if the browser does not support JQuery. The widget supports these markups:

  • Simple Input Markup
  • Component Markup - Addon Prepended
  • Component Markup - Addon Appended
  • Inline / Embedded Markup
  • Date Range Markup (from and to dates)
  • Solo Button Markup

URL: yii2-widget-datepicker

yii2-adminlte-asset :

AdminLTE Asset Bundle for Backend Theme

Backend UI for Yii2 Framework, based on AdminLTE. This package contains an Asset Bundle for Yii 2.0 Framework which registers the CSS files for the AdminLTE user-interface.

The CSS files are installed via Yii's recommended usage of the fxp/composer-asset-plugin.

URL: yii2-adminlte-asset