Superheroic Javascript MVW Framework by Google

This is angular js framework used to create SPA's.

Official Website : AngularJS

Some beautiful plugins :

ngFileUpload (ng-file-upload) :

Lightweight Angular directive to upload files with optional FileAPI shim for cross browser support.

Features :

  • file upload progress, cancel/abort
  • file drag and drop (html5 only)
  • image paste form clipboard and drag and drop from browser pages (html5 only).
  • image resize and center crop (native) and user controlled crop through ngImgCrop. See crop sample (html5 only)
  • orientation fix for jpeg image files with exif orientation data
  • resumable uploads: pause/resume upload (html5 only)
  • native validation support for file type/size, image width/height/aspect ratio, video/audio duration, and ng-required with pluggable custom sync or async validations.
  • show thumbnail or preview of selected images/audio/videos
  • supports CORS and direct upload of file's binary data using Upload.$http()
  • plenty of sample server side code, available on nuget
  • on demand flash FileAPI shim loading no extra load for html5 browsers.
  • HTML5 FileReader.readAsDataURL shim for IE8-9
  • available on npm, bower, meteor, nuget

URL : Github Repository and Documentation with Examples

ngTable :

ngTable is a nice angular grid with awesome features.

ngTable is AngularJS grid plugin. It has following awesome features

  • Loading data
  • Pagination
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Grouping
  • Formatting table
  • Working with columns
  • Inline Editing
  • have sub plugins like Resize column and Export to CSV

ngTable Documentation and Examples